BabyLife BLF-2001G

Инкубатор для новорожденных типа BabyLife BLF-2001

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The functions and operation of BLF-2001 incubators meet the requirements of IEC-601-2-19 product standard and those of the 93/42/EEC Directive. The materials used comply with the hygienic and toxicological requirements and are monitored continuously. The development, production and quality assurance of the incubators are performed in accordance with the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.
Alarm and warning details: High temperature / Ventilation fault / Temperature sensor fault (air sensor 1, air sensor 2, air sensor 3, skin sensor, second skin sensor, rectal sensor) / Humidifying / Technical fault / Mains fault / Low limit off / Low limit air / High limit air / - Acoustic and yellow or red colored messages/signs on the LCD in case of alarm or warming
The hood has six fully transparent windows (with iris opening upon request) and a large (upon request two) door(s). An X-ray cassette can be inserted under the cradle or on a cassette holder tray (optional). The cradle with the baby can be placed into an inclined position (even electrically upon request; optional), and the baby can be removed from the incubator safely and quickly together with the cradle.
ln the hood the air streams along the longitudinal axis of the baby's body. When the door is opened, an air curtain develops in the door. The hood of the unit may be single, double or triple walled (optional).
The incubators are equipped with foil-covered keyboards and graphic LCD displays. Settings are easy to understand having the lowest possible number of controls. Set and real-time measured values are constantly shown on the LCD display.
The noise level in the hood is below 45 dBA (40 dBA as option). The opening and closing of windows is absolutely noiseless. The air flow rate is well below the value allowed by the relevant standards.
Oxygen supply in the hood is controlled by a rotameter between 21-40% (optional). An electronic oxygen servo unit provides higher oxygen concentration for more intensity between 21-75% (optional). The incubators may be ordered also with head hood and with warmed humidified oxygen servo control (21-95%) (optional).
ln the incubator, the baby's weight is measured with high accuracy by an electronic scale located under the cradle, the measured value is shown on the graphic display, while data are stored (optional). The height of the lying surface can be made electronically adjustable upon request (optional).

BLF-2001 incubators are micro-computer controlled. When switched on, a hardware and software self-test is launched. Possible errors are indicated on the graphic display. The trends and values measured every 3 or 24 or 170 hours can be retrieved from the memory of the incubator. The incubator may be connected to an external computer (by means of a software programme to be purchased separately), enabling monitoring and remote control, as well as the saving and printing of measured values and trends (optional).

The display of the BLF-2001 incubator is easy to read even from distance, indicating the following data, depending on the configuration:

  • temperature of air in the hood
  • humidity of air in the hood
  • baby's skin temperature (optional)
  • oxygen concentration (optional)
  • weight (optional)
  • second body temperature (optional)

The temperature control ranges of the incubator are as follows:

  • in normal mode of operation in the case of 'air control' 27-37°C in the case of skin control 34-36°C.
  • ln 'override' operation in the case of 'air control' 37-39°C, in the case of 'skin control' 36-38°C.


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Одностенный прозрачный стекловидный колпак, рентгенопрозрачный
Колпак с двойной или тройной стеной
Перелняя дверка
Задная дверка
4 безшумно и легооткрывающихся окошко (ручные порты)
2 ирисовых порта / окошко
Добавочный ручной порт вместо ирисового порта
6 отверстий порт
Добавочный отверстий порт
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Поролоновый матрас, рентгенпрозрачный
Ппротивопрележневый матрас, рентгенпрозрачный
Гель матрас
Сетчатый матрас
Выдвыгаемая колыбель
Mechanical cradle tilting (one step, up to 12°, both direction)
Электрический наклон колыбели (плавный до 15° в обе стороны)
Индикатор электрического наклона колыбели
Место для рентгеновской касетты под колыбелью
Выдвыгаемый лоток рентгеновской касетты
Выдвыгаемый лоток рентгеновской касетты с окошком
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Крашенный стальный щтатив на 4-х колесах (2 с тормозами)
Сверхпрочный щтатив на 4-х колесах (2 с тормозами)
Электрический подъём (90 до 1150 см)
Электрический подъём с помощью 2-х педалей (90 до 105 см)
Полка для приборов на штативе
Шкафчик с двумя ящиками на штативе
Держатель для газового баллона
Защитные рельсы на каждой стороне для хранения инструментов
Инфузионная стойка
Инфузионная стойка с полкой для монитора
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5" ЖК дисплей
HEРA 13 воздушный фильтр
Высокоразвитое микропроцессорное управление
Водостойкая клавиатура с фольгой
3/24/170 часовой тренд
Блокировка клавиатуры
Установка / индикация даты / времени / влажность / температуры и.т.д.
Вызуальная и звуковая тревога и датчик резервного колирования
Кнопочка тестирования / самотестирование / тишина / кнопка reset
RS-232 разъём
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Регулировка влажности 30-90% с 3-х литровым резервуаром
Ултразвуковое увлажнение с 1 литровым резервуаром
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Air temperature servo control (25°C – 39°C)
Skin temperature servo control (34°C - 38°C)
Peripherial skin temperature sensor
Peripherial rectal temperature sensor
Reusable / Disposable skin temperature sensor
Reusable / Disposable rectal temperature sensor
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Oxygen dosage through flowmeter (21-40%)
Oxygen concentration meter (0-100%)
Oxygen servo in hood (21-75%)
Oxygen servo in head-hood (21-95%)
Oxygen servo in hood and head-hood (21-75/95%)
Flowmeter with heated humidifier
Oxygen sensor
Built-in weighing scale with drawable cradle (0-10 kg)
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Fixing head frame
Neonate protecting eyemask (disposable, 10 pcs)
Reusable cover for hood
Reusable cover for incubator
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Language English
Language CN/DE/ES/FR/HU/RU Upon request